Clock - Introduction


I wanted a digital wall clock, and I did not like any of the options available. Most are too expensive, and the one that I had broke at some point.

So I put the current monstrosity together over a weekend and it works well enough (except the weather component, which is not working).

However, I now have a 3D printer and some more experience, so I would like to fix it up and make it look nice.

The Existing Clock

Like I said earlier, I put this thing together over a weekend and it is painfully obvious.

There are cords hanging everywhere, it is held together by tape (which recently fell apart, so I had to re-tape it all), and it relies on my media server to be up in order to work.

Take a look at the back of this thing:

Yeah. It needs a lot of work.

The Tech

The only coding I’ll have to do for this is the website, which should just be a little HTML and JavaScript.

The Parts

Acer C720 Screen

HDMI Input LCD Controller Board

Raspberry Pi Zero W

120V AC to 12V DC Power Supply

12V to 5V DC Buck Converter

The 3D Printer

I’m using a Creality 3D Ender 3, with a glass bed and several printed upgrades.

Next Time

Next, I will tear apart the existing clock and start the 3D model using Fusion 360.