Clock - Printing complete!

Printing complete

After almost 30 hours, and only one failed print partway through, the case is fully printed.

I also fully assembled it, and it works!

Unfortunately, the connectors didn’t work very well because the screw holes were too large. Instead of re-printing the entire thing, I just wrapped rubber bands around them.

Once the screen was put on, I was able to hang it back up on the wall:

One thing: the screws that hold the screen on aren’t lined up very well. That makes them really hard to screw in, which stripped my allen wrench.

I left them slightly unscrewed for now, because I will need to tear this apart one more time.

Next Time

There is one last thing to do, which is to go over the website and Raspberry Pi setup. Right now it’s running the old code, which works but needs to be refactored.