Dev Site - Introduction and Tech Stack


I built this website for a few reasons:

  • To show off some of the side projects I’m working on
  • To learn more about Vue.js (using VuePress), and general web development
  • To build a simple static website that can be easily updated
  • As a place to store the random tidbits of info that have fixed issues I’ve had during development

The Tech

I’ll cover each of these and how they are used in future posts.



Special Thanks

In addition to the documentation above, the following articles proved extremely helpful when I started building this:

I’ll try to point them out when writing the rest of the articles for this project.

These articles (and probably a few others I forgot to save) were incredibly helpful when trying to get this all working!

Next Time

This post was pretty short and simple, but in the next one we’ll start to get into some of the infrastructure that holds everything together.